Welcome to CrimePays

CrimePays4Tips.com a tool to help Law Enforcement Agencies and Community Members to collaborate reduce Violent Crime Rates. Community Members are able to download a Free Anonymous CrimePays Smartphone Apps based on the zip code of the Violent Crime and the App Users. App User watch 2 minute Law Enforcement Videos, view the Reward Amount and have the ability to submit a Crime Tips, share the video with their Social Media, or donate money through to increase the Reward Amount.

CrimePays App Users do not have to become a witnesses, provide evidence, get harassed by law enforcement, or be intimidated by criminals, their friends, family, or gang members.

When Communities do not trust their Law Enforcement Agency, they won't share information about Violent Crimes. CrimePays will restore community trust by allowing App Users to register annonymously, using only their zip code, anonymous email address and encrypted paypal email address. They can view videos with Rewards and share the video with their social media. (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, SnapChat and Instagram)

Crime Tips are emailed to the Law Enforcement Agency that uploaded the video. App users will be able donate directly to increase the Reward Amount.

When a Crime Tip leads Law Enforcement to Investigate and arrest a suspect, Law Enforcement will release 50% of the Reward Amount to CrimePays. CrimPays retains 3% and deposites the balance into the Anonymous App User's Encrypted Paypal Account. When that arrest leads to a conviction or guilty plea, the remaining 50% will released by the Law Enforcement Agency to CrimePays. Cuptoopia.com, Inc. will retains 3% from each reward amount and deposites the balance into the Anonymous App User's Encrypted Paypal Account.

The cost of Violent Crime is too high. CrimePays will reduce your city, county, state and country's Violent Crime Rates.

CrimePays Web Application and Android App Launched January 2018.